Our vision

Turning Business Uncertainties into Unprecedented Growth Opportunities.

In partnership with LevelUp Hub, you're not just navigating challenges—you're seizing them to propel your venture into industry leadership. We're not just advisors; we're your team, committed to transforming your business landscape.

LevelUp Hub's Unique Proposition

Not Just Advisors, Your Global Team of Experts.

Engage with LevelUp Hub and instantly unlock an international hub of vetted professionals across various fields. We don't just offer advice; we provide you with an entire ecosystem committed to your business success.

Who We Are

Your One-Stop Hub for Unparalleled Business Growth

LevelUp Hub goes beyond traditional consultancy. With expertise spanning marketing, law, finance, risk management, and corporate organization, we offer a unified solution for all your business needs.

Founded by industry leaders Enrico Spagolla and James Platania, we leverage an international network of vetted professionals to provide specialized services. We're not just advisors; we're your all-in-one resource committed to propelling your business into its next phase of growth.

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Legal & Compliance Framework

  • Business Contracts & Terms
  • Intellectual Property Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Due Diligence Preparation
  • Investor Relations & Term Sheets
  • Data Protection & Compliance

Growth Strategy & Planning

  • Business Model Optimization
  • Strategic Marketing & Brand Positioning
  • Sales & Lead Generation Plans
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • New Market Entry Strategy
  • Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Product-Market Fit Assessment
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty Programs

Financial & Corporate Health

  • Company Formation & Corporate Structure
  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Risk Assessment & Corporate Governance
  • Cash Flow Management & Budget Planning
  • Exit Strategy Consulting
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Accelerated Success Programs

  • Idea to MVP Programme & Scale Up Pathway
  • Fundraising & Investment Readiness Framework
  • Crowdfunding Strategies
  • Investor Pitch Coaching & Deck Design
  • Post-Investment Roadmap Planning

Tech & Operational Efficiency

  • CRM and Company Software Strategy
  • Corporate Governance Tech Solutions
  • Nominee Services
  • Operational Streamlining
  • Data Analytics & Reporting Systems

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